The Birman
Birmans were, as legend goes, companions to the priests
of the Temple of Lao-Tsun. During an attack on the temple,
the Birman was magically transformed into what it is now
and given its characteristic white paws. There is
conflicting information and opinions on how the Birman
breed came about, which only adds to its mystery, but
nevertheless, they somehow managed to make it to
France in the early twentieth century where their early
documented history began. In 1959, the first Birman was
imported into the United States.The Birman is a very quiet
and undemanding cat. They love the company of humans
and are often labelled as "velcro-kitties."
Birmans also get along with other pets and enjoy
attention. Birmans have a semi-long to long, single layer
coat that is of a non-matting texture unlike other
long-haired breeds. They are color-pointed cats meaning
that they have light bodies with darker points on the face,
ears, legs, and tail. The points can come in a huge variety
of color: from the traditional seal to the new red factor.
Birmans are unique in that they possess what is called
gloving: white front and back paws with white